I’m Mike Stuchbery. I’m a teacher and a writer, born in Australia and settled in England. 

My thing is History. I’m obsessed with it. I find visiting historical sites a little bit like an act of pilgrimage. Seeing where the events of the past played out is what gets me inspired and excited. I love writing about history and have worked for organizations such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Australian Government and Pearson Education in bringing the past to life.

I’m also fascinated by ideas and how they have propelled us forward through history, breaking down barriers and establishing new freedoms. I believe in strong, healthy debate. Sometimes my propensity for debate has landed me in hot water. However, I like to think that I promote a culture of discussion in my classroom and beyond.

Faith is also something that captivates me. I am perpetually surprised at the ways in which religion has shaped our culture and society. I have written regularly on religious topics for media organizations and am currently engaged in projects to highlight how local churches have steered British life over time – for better or ill!

In addition to the above, I am currently a columnist and journalist for the Times Education Supplement. It’s a busy life!

I am available to write, speak or work on projects with you. Call +447715408661 or email michael.stuchbery@gmail.com.